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Toby Leung holds a 53 table star-studded wedding banquet

TVB executive Tommy Leung's daughter Toby Leung and millionaire Aaron Wong were not even together for a year yet and already decided to get married. Earlier they already went through their marriage registration and yesterday they held a 53 table wedding banquet at InterContinental Hong Kong Hotel. TVB Chairwman Mona Fong, new boss Chan Kwok Keung, Norman Leung, Stephen Chan and other executives attended the banquet. Toby's wedding was surely a star-studded banquet as many artists attended including: Alan Tam, Nick Cheung, Louis Koo, Anita Yuen, Christine Ng, Michael Miu, Jamie Chik, Felix Wong, Nat Chan, Roger Kwok, Cindy Au, Michael Tse, Fala Chen, Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsui, Edwin Siu, Ron Ng, Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Amigo Chiu, Natalie Tong, Sharon Chan, Joyce Tang, Derek Kwok, Timmy Hung and many more. It was much more star-studded than the TVB Anniversary!

Toby, who owns a wedding planning company herself, carefully planned her own wedding using winter and snow as the theme. When asked if her wedding cost nearly a million? She laughed: "Basically the arrangements were all from my own company and my husband's tuxedo was sponsored."

The bridesmaids and groomsmen was enormous. The bridesmaids included Charmaine Sheh, Janet Chow, Angela Tong, Natalie Tong, Florence Kwok, Margaret Chung and more. The only groomsmen from showbiz were Jimmy Lam and Wallace Chung. To escort the bride, the groom and his brothers accepted to take on three obstacles, which included eating and drinking sweet, sour, bitter and spicy foods. The groom had to chug down white vinegar, pickled tofu, bitter melon and hot chili. Aaron gulped it all down in one go. When Aaron declared his love, Toby was so touched she teared up, but Florence teased him saying he was stuttering when he mentioned "cannot pursue any other girl". When asked how much the red envelope was? Angela laughed: "It is more amazing than the TVB Anniversary prizes! Over 100,000, but there is also over 100,000 remaining that he hasn't paid yet." She did not reveal the actual number.

Toby was very grateful that Charmaine Sheh made a special trip back to HK from Mainland to attend her wedding. When asked if she's going to be concentrating entirely on making a Dragon baby? She said: "Let nature take its course. I am very busy with my wedding planning company. It will only be June of next year before I have time to go on my honeymoon and think about children."

All the Celebrity Guests


Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily, Weibo
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

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